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I was born and raised right here in Western North Carolina. I was raised in a Christian home but my faith came alive when I first started attending a PCA church in my early 20's. The Word was preached there like I had never really heard before and my love for Christ and His work blossomed. 


I have a gorgeous wife I have been married to for 37 years and four great kids (all grown now), and 5 grandchildren. I love playing with my grandkids, playing the guitar, riding motorcycles and mountain bikes, doing cross-fit, and woodworking.

I love people! I have been involved in prison ministry, work at the rescue mission, work with a Christian drug rehab facility, and delivering Meals On Wheels. I came to Fairview Christian Fellowship about 12 years ago and have totally enjoyed the fellowship and strong preaching.

I look forward to meeting YOU!

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