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Fairview Youth
"To gather and equip students to worship Christ
in gospel fellowship."

Youth Bible Study meets on Sundays at 5:00 pm at the church.

If you have any questions, please email

Our Philosophy: why we do what we do...

We exist primarily for two reasons. First, to gather our students in hopes that they would trust in and treasure Christ. Second, to equip our students in hopes they will grow as faithful, fruitful followers of Christ. By God’s grace alone and for His glory alone, we hope to accomplish these two purposes so that we become a people who worship Christ in gospel-centered fellowship. In doing so, we desire that non-Christians will see Christ in us and begin to consider to love and trust Christ.


Therefore, we are a youth ministry that is:


Scriptural - Our aim is to help our students know what the Word of God says so that they may develop a biblical worldview. We want them to have a biblical worldview because we want every aspect of their lives to be interpreted through the lens of Scripture.


Parental - Our aim is to compliment and encourage our parents as they nurture their students, not to be a substitute for parental discipleship. The best “youth ministry” occurs between godly parents and their student(s). 


Relational - Our aim is to be among our students. Whether it’s taking a student to breakfast, going to eat lunch at their school, attending their sporting events or watching them sing in the school musical, we aim to be in the lives of our students. We want to earn the right to be heard by showing our students we care for them.


Discipleship-orientated - Our aim is to see our students become mature Christians rooted and grounded in grace. We pursue gradual spiritual growth rather than temporary spiritual highs. Spiritual highs are OK, but they are not the focus.


Intergenerational - Our aim is to help students get plugged into the church. We do not want them to merely have a connection to their peer group, but to connect to the generations above and below them. We want them to be mature Christians who appreciate their local church and to experience unity by being involved in the life of the church.

Covenantal - Our primary aim is ministering to the students and parents of this congregation, the students God has given us. This does not mean we ignore students who come from non-Christian families or that we do not reach out to non-members. Rather, as we focus on gathering and equipping our covenant students to worship in gospel-fellowship, we hope that our students will be the primary evangelists in their schools, on their teams, to their friends, and in the community and be eager to invite other students into our gospel-centered fellowship. We welcome and invite the unchurched and visitors to all things!

Our Methodology: how we do what we do...

There are three primary avenues of influence: Parents, the local church, and the youth ministry. From the beginning, God establishes the family unit as the primary avenue of discipleship. This is reinforced in the Old Testament (Deut. 11:19) and the New Testament (Eph. 6:4). God also establishes a community of faith that takes part in this discipleship. This is seen in the Old Testament with the people of Israel (Psalm 145:4) and the New Testament in the local church (Titus 2:1-6). The youth ministry is a common grace insight of the Church to partner with and connect the two God-ordained avenues of discipleship.


Therefore, we are a youth ministry that will:


Partner - We will partner with parents. We want to foster an approachable and comfortable relationship with our parents. We also want to help our parents in understanding the current youth culture. 


Teach - We will teach our students. We want them to know the Bible and connect it to the current youth culture. We want them to know the central truths of the gospel.


Disciple - We will be an example of the Christian life before our students. Whether it be in a restaurant or playing ping pong or hiking a mountain, we will be an example of the Christian faith for our students. It also entails going deeper in the Word in small groups and one-to-ones.


Fellowship - We will hang out with each other. We have been saved into a diverse body; each brother and sister in Christ is uniquely different for the glory of God. We will help students love one another no matter school affiliation, economic status, political affiliation, personality, or gifts.


Play - We will have intentional and organic fun. There are times for fun with minimal instruction and times for instruction that may include laughter. It is important that students have fun in church fellowship. Fun and laughter is a part of most everything we do.


Counsel - We will get personal with our students. Our relationships with the students will not just be fun or just instructive but also personable. Our hope is that students will be open with us about things that they may be hesitant about with their parents. 


Serve - We will put what we learn into action. We will model how truth changes the way we live our lives. We will serve the church and our local community.


Evangelize - We will be salt and light in this world. We want our students to cherish Christ in that His name is on their lips often. We will equip our students to share the gospel and be models of evangelism in our own lives.


Sing - We will praise God together in song. Through instruction and experience, we will train our students in the who, how, and why we worship in song.

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